As CEO of BestTransport, Mr Taylor works closely with the logistics operations of several producer members including Alcoa and Aleris.

Heidi Biggs Brock, President of the Aluminum Association, said: “Mr Taylor will provide insight from his expertise in logistical matters vital to any successful business or organisation.

“BestTransport’s expertise allows producers to achieve emission-reducing logistical operations that are both successful and sustainable.”

Before becoming BestTransport CEO, Mr Taylor founded IMC Supply Chain Services, a supply chain firm providing sales and consulting services to shippers and carriers.

Prior to joining Best Transport in 1999, Mr Taylor was the Manager of System Development and Network Support at Tropical Shipping, a leading steam ship company moving goods from the US to the Caribbean and South America.

Mr Taylor has a B.S. in Chemistry from Imperial College London and is an Associate of the Royal College of Science in England.