Coca Cola’s Chief Procurement Officer – Bottling Investment Group William Hovis said the beverage group was one of the world’s largest users of aluminium with 150 million aluminium cans and bottles sold every day.

He told people at CRU’s recent North American Aluminum Trends Conference that Coca Cola currently has 1.8bn consumers a day and plans to double this by 2020.

Aluminium is a key material for this success but it needs to remain affordable, sustainable and needs innovation, Mr Hovis told delegates.

It has launched an aluminium bottle built in the same design as its iconic glass bottle, and he believes this is the next big package for the drinks industry.

He warned that current confidence in institutions, such as Wall Street, has been low since the global recession and that aluminium is included in this.

While aluminium is a $110bn market consumers often have little say in who makes the rules of this market.

“Who makes the rules of this market that 7 billion people buy worldwide?” he asked.

A benefit to aluminium is its recyclability and Coca Cola is increasing its recycling targets. It has launched Coca Cola Recycling, which will increase recovery through innovation and partnering and will integrate it into sourcing. The aim is for 80-90% recovery rates and to do away with non-returnable packaging.