The hunt for the very best products using aluminium foil, or aluminium closures, is underway once again, with the announcement that entries for the Alufoil Trophy 2018 are now open for submission, until 24 November 2017.

Organised by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), the competition is seen as the most influential competition in the industry. It is widely recognized as identifying the most original ideas and developments currently on the market. Past Trophy winners are seen as trendsetters who have helped to shape the future direction of aluminium foil.

Entries are accepted from packaging designers, brand owners, foil rollers, foil converters, foil container manufacturers, closure manufacturers, household foil manufacturers, retailers, industrial solution providers, as well as interested consumers and consumer groups or associations It offers them the chance to demonstrate their very latest ideas and products. It is also possible to combine entries from any of these disciplines.

EAFA’s Executive Director Guido Aufdemkamp announced the start of the 2018 contest; “The hunt for the best applications and products is always an exciting one for us. Members of the alufoil and closures industry always surprise us with their ingenuity and creativity. We are sure this year will be no exception and we look forward to a strong set of entries.”

Competition categories cover every aspect of aluminium foil and closures use. Applications are accepted from packaging, construction and automotive, as well as industrial and decorative products:

Marketing + Design: Entrants should deliver real improvements to graphic and structural packaging design, ergonomics and ideas that lead to greater shelf appeal at point-of-sale, as well as industrial design applications.
Consumer Convenience: Answering calls for improved technical performance that provide real benefits to the consumer.
Resource Efficiency: Sustainable environmental performance is among the foremost challenges faced by industry. Developments should provide real benefits and demonstrate environmental and commercial advantages whether in consumer or industrial applications.
Product Protection: Consumers are increasingly demanding fewer preservatives in food and this is where packaging can really come into its own by delivering products safely and hygienically.
Technical Innovation: The development of innovative ideas should provide benefits for the brand owner, retailer, consumer and industrial user through the performance of a material, manufacturing method or conversion process.

Entries will be accepted from now until the deadline of 24 November 2017. More details and applications forms are available on