Aludium has announced that it has renewed its online image with a direct and visual website to improve communication with its stakeholders.

The site, through its categories, offers extensive information about the company; its products, where its brands Decorandum and Texturalndum take centre stage; the diversity of aluminium solutions and the markets in which it operates. It also has two specific sections on sustainability, where aluminium recycling stands out as one of the pillars of its business leadership and its focus on R&D is emphasised.

"This change is another step in the transformation of Aludium that aims to highlight and value strategic axes for Aludium such as sustainability, innovation, communication and the diversity of products that the company offers".

Lionel Chapis, CEO of Aludium, commented on the new website and image:

Lionel Chapis continued to elaborate on the importance of recycling and R&D and how the website converses,

“Environmental commitment [of this company] to its customers, to the planet and to society: to work in the search and design of more sustainable, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions with a higher percentage of aluminium.”

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