The programme targeted the primary and processed aluminium production processes, as well as its alumina refinery.

Gheorghe Dobra, CEO of Vimetco said: “By successfully implementing the energy projects we reached a major target and achieved important cost reduction by increasing efficiency of the operations. Moreover, the lower consumption per tonne of aluminium helped us partially offset the increase in energy prices.”

Last year, Alro spent $8M on an energy efficiency programme at its smelter. It replaced two energy intensive K-250 compressors with modern ones, decreasing energy consumption and the cooling water consumption for the processed aluminium production.

It also optimised the combustion in the anodes baking furnaces, reducing the natural gas consumption. It upgraded the burners and insulation at four annealing furnaces, achieving a further reduction in electricity and gas consumption.

It also spent $7M in energy efficiency programmes at the alumina producer, Alum Tulcea.