With a 70% carbon emission reduction, Algoma will fully convert from BF to EAF steel production with this transformation. Algoma Steel has announced Danieli as its sole technology supplier for its full transition from integrated to electrical steelmaking.

The selected Digimelter melting technology powered by Q-One digital power system will lead to a reduction of approximately 70% of carbon emissions, positioning Algoma as a leading provider of green steel in North America.

To be installed at Algoma Steel in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, the new green steel shop will have a design capacity of 3.7 million tons of liquid steel, with two 250-ton electric arc furnaces at its core, powered by two Q-One digital power systems with a rated capacity in excess of 190 MVA each. Q-One is a patented technology capable of continuously varying the frequency during each of the melting phases, improving energy efficiency and electrode consumption.

The new Digimelter will produce high-quality liquid steel from recycled steel scrap, with the option for the direct addition of a wide range of other iron inputs. The new technology is optimised for process quality, low operating costs, and enhanced safety through extensive application of mechatronic technologies.

Danieli Digimelter is the only technology that allows the direct use of renewable energies for electric steelmaking.

The design provides for best-in-class environmental performance with engineered enclosures encapsulating the two furnaces to minimise noise and emissions, while the Q-Melt automatic process control delivers superior energy efficiency. Two new off-gas treatment plants including baghouses and a dedicated recirculating water treatment plant will combine to provide best available technology for emission control and filtration, and water conservation.

Rounding out the package, the facility will include a Danieli automated scrap yard featuring automatic cranes, scrap visual recognition, and automatic scrap sorting and charging. A new Danieli twin-tank vacuum degasser with oxygen-blowing facility also will be added to the process route to deliver advanced grades of steel and further enhance steel cleanliness and final product quality.

The new Digimelter-based steelmaking facility is expected to be put in operation in early 2024.

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