Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products (GPP Canada) will spend roughly $75M in the communities of Bécancour, Deschambault and Baie-Comeau, the three locations where it operates smelters.

GPP Canada plans to allocate about $62M designed to maintain its operations and to reduce costs.

These include the modernisation of Baie-Comeau’s port facilities, the refurbishment of a transformer also in Baie-Comeau, an amperage increase project at its smelter in Deschambault, and a major reconstruction of the baking furnaces of the carbon division of the Bécancour facility.

The company will also be investing about $10M in projects designed to improve occupational health and safety, the environment, and energy efficiency.

“These investments are in conjunction with those announced in November 2011 for the modernisation of our plant in Baie-Comeau,” said Martin Brière, vice-president, Operations, GPP Canada.

“These investments are substantial and clearly illustrate Alcoa’s intention to pursue its activities in Québec for many years to come.”

Alcoa has long been contributing to Québec’s economy as well as to the economy of the communities in which it operates. “We are very proud of what we accomplish at the local level.

"The company’s operations in Québec and Canada are known worldwide, and we firmly intend to continue down this path,” said Brière.