Alcoa Corporation has announced that the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) has certified the Company to market products under ASI’s Chain of Custody standard.

ASI has the industry’s most comprehensive system for third-party certification of sustainable manufacturing practices. The global non-profit includes multiple stakeholders in its certification process, including producers, users and civil society organisations. The Chain of Custody (CoC) certification and its performance standards provide independent, third-party validation and traceability of responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium.

“The certifications to the ASI Performance and Chain of Custody standards will offer our customers additional assurance of our commitment to responsible and sustainable production while complementing our existing SustanaTM line of aluminium products,” said Alcoa President and Chief Executive Officer Roy Harvey. “Today’s announcement aligns with our strategic priority to advance sustainably and it serves as another reinforcement of our strong reputation and industry leadership.”

Alcoa’s SustanaTM products includes EcolumTM with less than 2.5 metric tons of carbon per metric ton of aluminium, which is 75 percent better than the industry average, and EcoduraTM billet cast with at least 50 percent recycled content in various alloys and sizes.

Alcoa now has 10 locations on four continents certified under ASI’s standards. Alcoa’s first production facilities were certified to ASI’s Performance Standard, a prerequisite to CoC, in 2019. The Company has earned certifications for three bauxite mines in Brazil and Western Australia, four alumina refineries in Brazil and Western Australia, and three aluminium smelters and casthouses in Europe and North America. The latest facility to earn the Performance Standard certification is Mosjoen in Norway.

“Alcoa is one of the founding members of ASI, and has played an active role in supporting ASI’s goal of responsible aluminium production,” said Fiona Solomon, ASI’s Chief Executive Officer. “Alcoa’s work to earn Chain of Custody Certification from bauxite mining through to smelting and casthouse operations gives a further boost to the potential global production of responsibly produced ASI Aluminium.”