Aluminium International Today Issue
Nov/Dec 2019

Nov/Dec 2019

Girl Power

Without giving my age away too much, I grew up in the ‘Girl Power’ Generation. I had every bit of merchandise going and would scribble the name of my favourite Spice Girl on any white space I could find in my school books.

But, while these glittering female role models were plastered across my bedroom walls and crackling on full volume through my CD walkman (another clue to my age!) it is only now that I really appreciate the other women in my life who played a huge part in shaping my world today.

I was lucky enough to grow up genuinely believing that I could be whatever I wanted to be. I was never funnelled into a particular way of thinking and never made to believe that I couldn’t do something.

I now realise the importance of this and know it has helped me to find my way in an industry that is still very male dominated.

However, I have noticed a difference in the last few years with a growing number of women now taking on leading roles in aluminium manufacturing and presenting at major conferences globally.

This was reinforced recently with Hydro’s CEO coming in at number 13 on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women List!

This issue celebrates women in aluminium and looks at how the sector is working to support and encourage more roles.

There are also a host of other technical features and a special farewell to a familiar face!

Front cover courtesy of Granco Clark

Issue Highlights



RON KNAPP: So long, farewell

At the heart of aluminium
Q&A with AluQuébec

Aluminium activities resume

Celebrating 50 years of ET
US Extrusions: A ‘so-so’ market
Hydro expands research and development capabilities

Number 13: Not unlucky for Hydro
Open to change
The gender gap in manufacturing: Gone for good?

Hertwich Engineering: Leading partner in the world of aluminium
A new beginning

Machine capable of sorting the smallest of metal fractions
Briquetting makes metal production more efficient
Reducing the magnesium proportion when processing scrap

Waste water treatment and zero liquid discharge plants

A step forward in the foundry