Aluminium International Today Issue
May/June 2021

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Supporting the hard-to-abate sectors

I’m apparently writing this column on ‘Earth Day’. It’s not a day I usually celebrate or know much about, but Google alerted me to the fact and then I fell down a virtual rabbit hole, looking at all of the other annual celebratory days that have worked their way onto our calendars.

It seems fitting as once again, this issue’s news pages are filled with stories of new sustainable technologies, low carbon announcements and commitments to net-zero targets.

As industries become more accountable for their environmental impact, at Quartz Business Media (QBM) we are working to develop more programmes, events and platforms where the aluminium industry can share best practices and also gain insight from other hard-to-abate sectors.

Our upcoming Greener Aluminium Online Summit (2nd - 3rd June) will challenge how far we are on the road to decarbonisation and if we’re going in the right direction. And, in an effort to draw on our experience at QBM, across the aluminium, glass and steel sectors, in 2022, we will launch the Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) Global Event Series.

No other event in the world will bring together senior executives from across all hard-to-abate sectors, so keep following on our online and social media channels to find out more about this exciting new project.

I hope you enjoy this issue and as always, I welcome any comments or feedback!

Nadine Bloxsome,
Editor, Aluminium International Today

Front cover courtesy of TOTAL

May/June Highlights



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The calculation of rolling force
A closer look at the aluminium welding wire industry

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