IAI Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) turned 50 in April 2022! Aluminium International Today is our official media partner for the anniversary celebrations.

Established in 1972, the International Aluminium Institute has played a key role in creating a forum to bring the global industry together to progress issues and address challenges. The Institute's robust, credible and transparent data, modelling and analyses assist the industry in making informed decisions. The IAI has also played a pivotal role in promoting the unique benefits of aluminium and advocating for the industry to a broad audience.

The IAI launched 50 Products and 50 People communication streams, in January 2022. The 50 Products showcases the essential role of aluminium in our everyday lives and in ensuring a sustainable society.

50 People showcases the diversity and depth of the industry’s workforce and their joined efforts to drive change. The 50 Products and 50 People streams are promoted weekly on the IAI’s social media channels. Engage in these weekly social media posts on the IAI’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Please also follow the IAI’s 50th activities on their dedicated online pages: IAI is 50!

A three-part series of articles by Aluminium International Today shines the light on the IAI and features valuable insights from those who collaborate with and regularly reference their work.

The first article featured in the Jan/Feb issue – Fifty years and still on a roll, looks at how the IAI has created an essential forum for progressing sector issues and is highly regarded as the go-to for data.

The second article in the series - Reliable data – The building block of a model aluminium industry, highlights the strength, comprehensiveness and value of IAI data, scenarios and modelling to those inside and outside the sector.

The third and last article in this series focus's on the aluminium industry's future opportunities and obligation as we look towards progressing the industry’s sustainability.