Wayne Muncaster
VP North America,

Intelligent Energy Management – A Way to Advance Decarbonisation and Secure a Sustainable Future Whilst Delivering Financial Benefits for Businesses

The Energy Transition is upon us! Legally binding net-zero targets, combined with a strong social pressure to move away from fossil fuels, create both challenges and significant opportunities for the energy intensive aluminium sector. As grid operators work to increase the integration of renewables in the energy mix, they count on large energy users to become more active participants of the energy markets and provide additional flexibility to the network.

In his presentation, Wayne Muncaster will discuss the ways in which aluminium businesses can benefit from the transitioning energy markets and how advanced AI-powered energy technologies improve business sustainability, green credentials and operational resilience. All whilst generating substantial savings, new streams of revenue and without any capital expenditure or impact on the production processes. The participants will learn about grid ancillary services, the optimisation of the on-site load, generation and energy storage assets, and how machine learning technologies and robotic trading help businesses manage price volatility.


Wayne is a global expert on evolving energy markets and the green energy transition, and the effects this has on market participants and energy consumers. Starting out over 20 years ago in the most advanced European energy markets and the first to deregulate, Wayne has been on the frontline when it comes to the direction of markets and the increasing importance of technology.

Building on over a decade of experience in enabling some of the largest global energy consumers, generators, distributors, utilities, and grid operators to participate in the financial and operational benefits of the most advanced energy markets, Wayne is in an optimum position to advise I&C businesses in the aluminium sector on their participation in energy services. Having successfully led professional teams throughout his career, specialising in technology, software and services within the UK and EU energy markets, Wayne is now bringing GridBeyond’s technology to North America.

Wayne’s invaluable knowledge and expertise have secured him a spot as one of the industry’s authoritative voices, and he is regularly asked to speak at events and conferences.