Stephan Broek
Director of Environmental Engineering & Technology

Identifying & Setting Priorities Through Road Mapping of Decarbonization Projects

Organizations globally are on taking action to combat the effects of climate change by developing decarbonization road maps, including alumina refining as well as aluminium smelting. In this talk you will hear from of our three leaders in their respective fields with a single goal, which is to help producers develop and, ultimately, meet their climate change goals.

The first element of the talk is an introduction of global decarbonization drivers and key developments that are of importance to our industry. This converges in presenting a proven methodology to identifying opportunities in operations to reduce GHG emissions (Scopes 1 and 2). A key element of this is prioritizing initiatives that can be implemented in the short term, together with a portfolio of initiatives to achieve longer-term goals. This methodology enables an operator to develop an actionable road map of initiatives to achieve carbon and energy reduction targets.

The second and third element is a discussion of how this applies in alumina refining and aluminium smelting, respectively. Concrete examples are discussed with the aim to create a full understanding that this is not a small effort and that many stakeholders will have to work together across the value chain to achieve our collective net-zero ambitions.


Stephan is a graduate from the University of Amsterdam in Chemical Engineering and a senior member of the Center of Excellence in Aluminium smelting. In 2021 he will celebrate being 30 years of out of school and can (normally) be found all over the world. Stephan is dedicated to aluminium smelting projects worldwide and an active participant in key industry conferences. He is the lead organizer and instructor in the TMS Environment (PFSE) training course normally held once a year.