Robin Scheiner
Head Aluminium
Glencore International AG

A Green Deal – A Meaningful Contribution to a Low-carbon Value Chain by HAI, Glencore and Century

Thanks to its unique properties, Aluminium is the metal of the future and can drive the transition to a climate-neutral economy. The worldwide demand in aluminium is rising constantly and the aluminium industry thereby makes a major contribution to low carb applications. Beside of the increase of the scrap share we count at HAI on the use of sustainable produced primary aluminium to contribute to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Based on this consequent sustainability strategy HAI can offer aluminium products with one of the lowest CO2 footprints to its customers.

The Green Deal from HAI with its long-standing partners Glencore and Century is therefore an essential element. As the world’s largest independent aluminium trader, Glencore International AG has a unique view and understanding of the aluminium market.

Consequently, Glencore is able to spot trends, and facilitate large-scale transactions between up- and downstream industrial stakeholders, thus improving market efficiency all along the value chain. Mindful of the responsibility and potential as an actor in the aluminium industry’s structural transition to low-carbon production, Glencore takes an active role in promoting and contributing to a greener and more sustainable economy. The Green Deal is only the beginning.

Companies around the globe are using aluminium to make products safer, lighter, increasingly fuel efficient and more recyclable. Century applies its specialised knowledge and experience in the primary aluminium industry in order to work to continuously evolve and continue to deliver consistent, high-quality products to our customers while also striving to meet our commitment to improved sustainability of our operations. Producing aluminium with one of the lowest CO2 footprints seen in the world is something Century prides itself on. Natur-Al™ is produced at Norðurál, our plant in Iceland, with a total carbon footprint below four tons CO₂ per tonne of aluminium.


Robin Scheiner joined Glencore in March 2009 and serves as head of the company’s aluminium & alumina department. Before he was promoted to his current role, he worked in various different areas within the same department such as operations, controlling, and physical trading. In 2016 he was appointed as head of the aluminium department, whilst he took over responsibility for the merged aluminium & alumina division three years later in 2019.