Nigel Dent
Connected Energy Project Manager,
Connected Energy

Energy storage within an energy intensive industry

The move towards distributed non-dispatchable renewable generation is adding complexity into the energy model and the technical and market mechanisms that will enable load to match generation will continue to evolve for some time yet. What is clear however, is that energy will continue to become an increasingly important cost component in the manufacturing industry, and that energy is not as simple as it used to be.

With peak loads, energy spikes breaching connection constraints, and complexity around on-site energy generation, this presentation will look at the challenges facing energy intensive users and discuss solutions of how energy storage can help mitigate them.


With 20+ years project management experience in the low carbon energy and manufacturing sectors, Nigel has worked with Connected Energy over the past 3 years to deliver a range of energy storage systems using second life electric car batteries. Nigel is currently leading the delivery of two large multi partner multi scale battery storage projects with a combined value over £15m. In the emerging energy storage sector, a key focus for Nigel is to provide customers with end-to-end expertise and support in delivering projects on time and within budget.

Nigel spent over eight years with Rolls-Royce delivering multi-million pound energy infrastructure projects to a range of UK and European customers. He led the programme management team for the East of England Renewable Energy Agency to deliver a programme of renewable energy infrastructure projects and delivered a number of key sustainability projects for Ista Energy, a global leader of energy management and consultancy.

Nigel has a master’s degree in project management from the University of Manchester and is an active member of the Institute for Project Managers.