Lord Gregory Barker of Battle
Chairman of the En+ Board of Directors

KEYNOTE: It Takes an Industry

For our industry, there is an inherent contradiction. Aluminium is a metal of the future. Light yet durable and almost infinitely recyclable, aluminium is a key enabler on the path towards a more sustainable economy and a post-Covid ‘green’ recovery. Its use reduces carbon footprint across key sectors such as electric vehicles, sustainable packaging, building and construction, aerospace and others. Yet the carbon footprint of aluminium production can be a major issue, largely as a result of energy-intensive smelter emissions.

Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of EN+ Group, the world’s largest producer of low carbon aluminium and independent hydropower will talk through how EN+ is committed to playing its part in leading the aluminium industry into the low carbon economy. From adopting publicly committed targets through energy transition to execution throughout the value chain, Lord Barker will talk through the steps needed to take this ‘hard to abate’ industry to net zero.

However ambitious, net zero from the leaders in our sector will not be enough if decarbonisation stalls across the industry as a whole. This requires a united front — within the industry, with other sectors and with global policymakers. If the past year has taught anything, it is not to underestimate our amazing potential for rapid scientific advancement when we have a clear mission and strong incentives for collaboration. Every business must play its part to meet the challenge head on.


Lord Barker was appointed Independent Chairman of the En+ Board of Directors in October 2017, immediately prior to the company’s successful London IPO. He was promoted to Executive Chairman in February 2019.

Lord Barker was previously a member of the British House of Commons from 2001 to 2015 during which time he served as UK Minister of State for Energy & Climate Change, under Prime Minister David Cameron, becoming the longest serving British energy minister for a generation.

Lord Barker chaired the London Sustainable Development Commission for Mayor Boris Johnson 2014-2016 and is non-executive chairman of EVN Group, a leading UK developer of electric vehicle infrastructure.