Paramita Das

General Manager, Global Marketing and Development

Responsible Aluminium: Enabling Modern Life

Rio Tinto produces some of the highest quality, lowest-carbon footprint aluminium in the world. But we are only scratching the surface of the opportunities for aluminium. Hear from Paramita Das, General Manager, Global Marketing and Development, about the advanced technology that brings responsible aluminium to market.

Speaker Biography

Paramita Das is a global executive with extensive experience in the commodities segment (metal and oil and gas). She leads market development for aluminium globally and the establishment of a more customer-centric approach in the Americas. Prior to her work in the aluminium marketing and development space, Paramita was the Chief of Staff to the CEO of Rio Tinto and Chief Transformation Officer for the Atlantic Operations for Aluminium segment with Rio Tinto. Paramita joined Rio Tinto in 2015, prior to which, she has worked with companies including Sumitomo Corporation and BP. She is a passionate advocate for ESG and inclusion.