Karyna Young

Karyna Young is the CEO of EnPot Limited, an innovative climate technology that enables aluminium smelters to offer deep modulation to increase the uptake of renewable energies.

Over the past seven years Karyna has built a global team of highly qualified industry experts who are focused on decarbonising the energy intensive aluminium production process across the globe.

Karyna holds a bachelor of law and commerce from Otago University in New Zealand. Since graduating Karyna has practiced commercial law and held directorships and CEO positions in private equity firms across a range of fields including finance, production engineering and manufacturing.

Karyna is passionate about innovative technologies that help to solve the climate challenge. This interest has led her to hold chairperson roles in companies commercialising green technologies in hydrogen and primary aluminium production. Karyna is also a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and on the Executive Team for the New Zealand Home Heating Association.