Gunther Schober

Sales Manager at PSI Metals Non Ferrous GmbH

Saving Costs with Intelligent Software

It is smart to reduce CO2. Smart software can help you achieve this goal by saving production costs and, additionally, CO2 taxes. Intelligent software can also help you use green power and avoid power spikes or hikes in energy prices. For example, Industrial Intelligence helps you use electricity when it is windy and leaves you with the satisfaction of brewing your morning coffee when others need electrical power.

It is as simple as it sounds.

How can software like this help you optimise your production? By increasing your yield - reducing the required input material for the same output, or increasing your output with the same amount of input material. This saves CO2. You can also optimise production by increasing the OEE, which reduces energy consumption per ton produced and thus CO2. By optimising the use of scrap, you reduce the amount of primary material significantly. This is not only a considerable savings potential in Euros and Dollars, but also reduces your carbon footprint substantially.

The forecasting algorithm predicts energy consumption depending on the time of day and weather forecast. This enables the use of energy when it is cheap and clean.

Software may not succeed in completely avoiding CO2 consumption. However, there are different smart software services that help to reduce CO2. Each of them contributes to the reduction in various degrees. When orchestrated by the Service Platform, these smart services work together and support your CO2 reduction targets autonomously. Like humans, software services are stronger as a team.

It is good to note that there is always room for further intelligent solutions, despite our efforts in putting them together. However, the benefit is decreasing our manufacturing carbon footprint and reducing costs.

Speaker Biography

Gunther Schober, born November 21, 1970 in Leoben, Austria, graduated in 1994 as Metallurgical Engineer with focus on industrial and energy economics at the Mining University of Leoben.

After his first experience as sales engineer and sales manager, he took over management responsibility as head of sales & marketing for AVL DiTEST, an international automotive company.

In 2007, he joined PSI Metals. As Senior Consultant, Project Manager and Sales Manager, his expertise in metals and international experience in process development and Supply Chain Management is highly sought after.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of Production Management Solutions encompassing Supply Chain Management and Planning, Product Design, Quality Management, Production Execution and Logistics, he has become a recognized expert in these areas.

PSI Metals, known as an innovative company, became the metal industry’s partner for Industry 4.0. Gunther Schober’s expertise together with PSI Metals’ innovative approach make him a demanded contact for future solutions.