Curt Bermel

Vice President of Sales & Engineering, MPOT

Application and Results of Mpot® Diluted Combustion in Aluminium Furnaces and the Complete Carbon Free Future Technology

Diluted or flameless oxy-fuel combustion has shown in the past year’s huge successes as an optimisation tool for a variety of high temperature applications. This innovative combustion technology has a lower flame temperature, more uniform temperature distribution, and with MPOT® burners, utilises air participation, leading to lower fuel consumption and ultra-low NOx levels. MPOT® burners are designed to minimise pure oxygen participation, which reduces oxygen costs, and results in an overall higher melt efficiency.

The carbon free future will be CCU, in the purest sense, as the process of capturing CO2 at the point of generation and utilising that CO2 within the same facility. MPOT engineers embraced this challenge with these solution tenants: Utilise at least 95% of process generated CO2 inhouse, improve heat flux in process, improve fuel efficiency, decrease turnaround time, and improve product quality with this solution.

In this work we analyse the optimisation processes of different types of rotaries and reverberatory furnaces with MPOT® burners and the details of the first MPOT®-CCU commercialisation’s in Europe.

Speaker Biography

Curt Bermel is currently the Vice president of Sales and Engineering in MPOT, Americas. He is also the Senior Engineer, Metals & Glass Industries at Messer Gases America and Praxair.