Grain refiners are used by casthouses and foundries to create a fine-grained structure in the cast aluminium, reducing defects and cutting waste, and MQP has been at the forefront of innovation in high efficiency grain refiners for over two decades. Optifine 3:1 first changed the industry, improving melt quality in a wide range of aluminium alloy compositions by up to 70% and reducing casthouse costs by a half, and has used in the production of 16 million tonnes of high quality aluminium in the last decade. At the summit, MQP – a subsidiary of STNM - will be launching new Optifine 5:1 125, which has a guaranteed minimum efficiency of 120% of standard arbitrary Optifine reference and an improvement of 35% over standard Optifine 3:1. Visit MQP’s stand to find out how to bring down addition rates by a game-changing 85%, all while reducing harmful emissions involved in the grain refining process by two thirds.

MQP has also launched its own MQP Technology Centre at Brunel, a laboratory dedicated to developing its product portfolio for a modern age, and sponsors Brunel’s £4.5m Centre for Circular Metals, helping the UK to become the first country to fully recycle and reuse its metals in its shift towards a carbon-neutral, circular economy.