Continuus-Properzi S.p.A

Continuus-Properzi pioneered the process of continuously casting and rolling nonferrous rod in the 1940s and today is the global leader for nonferrous wire rod production equipment. The Properzi organization provides technology for the production of Aluminium and Copper wire rod around the world. Copper rod is produced from either cathodes or 100% low quality copper scrap to yield top quality rod.

Our offering includes the “Pro-Form” continuous rotary extrusion machinery for numerous applications in Copper and Aluminium.

The Properzi Furnaces and Combustion Division has developed the Vert-Melt Furnace for Aluminium lines and the Vert-Ref Furnaces for Copper lines (other furnaces available upon request).

Properzi technology also includes the Self-Annealing Microrolling® (SAM) machine that processes 8 mm copper rod down to 1.8-2 mm soft wire without an annealer thereby providing significant energy savings.

Our services include on-site technical assistance, remote technical consultancy, and the supply of spare parts.

COVID travel restrictions prohibited our Engineers from carrying out on-site commissioning therefore we developed the Properzi “Smart e-Commissioning” method to implement these activities remotely, in real time, to lead and support our customers.

We are always a step ahead providing new solutions to benefit our customers.

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