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June 2021

Welcome to the June issue of Furnaces International!

I’m not quite sure how we are already in June, but I fear that time is only going to speed up as we all hopefully start to have the luxury of making plans and socialising more again for work and pleasure.

While it is starting to look more positive that industry events will be able to open up again towards the end of the year, with travel still uncertain for many and others (understandably) wary about attending large-scale events, we would like to invite all readers of Furnaces International to join us online for a new virtual event on 14th - 15th September 2021.

The event is called the Future of Furnaces, which is not to be confused with the FEVE project ‘Furnace for the Future’! Manufacturing industries are already seeing the results of the ‘Furnace of the Future’ in reducing CO2 emissions and producing cleaner, more sustainable materials. But how can energy-intensive manufacturers work towards making this future a reality? Are we already seeing the benefits of adopting smarter and more sustainable technologies within furnaces? Or, could we be doing more?

This online event will unite the glass, aluminium and steel sectors to discuss overcoming heat treatment challenges and present a collaborative approach to bring the Furnace of the Future to life.

Nadine Bloxsome
Editor, Furnaces International