The global energy crisis, rising costs, and the Green Deal's requirements push manufacturers to adapt, and industries with energy-intensive processes must evolve more quickly than others.

In February 2019, a consortium of 18 companies and research centers around Europe proposed a HORIZON project under the coordination of CIRCE, a technology center from Spain, to enable the use of an increasingly variable, bio-based, and circular feedstock in process industries through retrofitting core equipment. Accepting the consortium’s proposal, the European Commission decided in October 2019 to fund the Retrofeed project for 48 months with a 9.9 million Euro budget. A member of the consortium and the core equipment provider for the aluminum industry, Sistem Teknik R&D center has been dedicated to the project for the past four years with the goal of increasing material and energy efficiency in the aluminum recycling process.

Sistem Teknik discuss how delacquering furnaces can increase the efficiency in aluminium recycling.