David Sneddon, Non-executive Director of BACALL spoke with Aluminium International Today on the latest from BACALL.

As one of the most recyclable materials on the planet, aluminium offers us one of the most direct ways to decarbonise our lives – it is almost infinitely recyclable like gold, without degrading like steel, and in the process of recycling, it can be turned back into useable products with a tiny proportion of the energy of new material, again unlike glass and steel.

However, the UK is currently reliant on an unsustainable material and energy-intensive supply chain based on a practise of exporting scrap and slabs and importing huge quantities of sheet and billet.

With manufacturers increasingly concerned about scope 3 emissions and the security of their supply chains, the UK must reconsider its approach to aluminium production and recycling; we must create a closed-loop, circular economy for aluminium sheet in the UK for UK industry and consumers.

We have a solution, and it’s backed by some of the biggest companies in the world. We are the British Aluminium Consortium for Advanced Alloys (BACALL), and we will localise aluminium recycling and manufacture.