Compact printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHE), produced through a diffusion bonding process, surpass traditional alternatives in extreme temperature and pressure environments.

Traditional plate or shell and tube heat exchangers have long been used in processing industries. Today, however, with many new applications involving high pressures, temperatures, and exposure to corrosive environments, more manufacturers are turning to compact printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs).

A PCHE is a multi-layer heat exchanger consisting of thin, flat metal plates into which fluid flow microchannels are chemically etched in each layer to form a complex flow pattern. The layers are then diffusion bonded together to create a dense heat exchanger with superior airflow and heat transfer properties.

When designed this way, a heat exchanger can be up to 85% smaller and lighter than traditional plate or shell and tube designs. In addition, PCHEs do not require excessive pipework, frames, or other associated structural elements, further reducing costs.