Abundant, affordable, and reliable sources of electricity—and an accompanying expansion of transmission infrastructure—are a national security requirement, but our current policies are inadequate to address these known risks. A candid assessment of challenges and opportunities, and a fresh dialogue between industry and government is needed to break the stalemate.

The United States’ electric power grid continues to experience significant risks that threaten its ability to provide reliable and resilient electric power. This essential infrastructure faces a confluence of current and emerging challenges:

  • Demand is increasing as the United States grows and reindustrializes its economy while rapidly electrifying the vehicle fleet.
  • Incremental transmission capacity is imperative but faces permitting obstacles and regulatory barriers.
  • Traditional resources will remain essential to meet demand but may struggle to remain viable as the grid evolves.
  • External threats including cyber and physical attacks, weather extremes, and generation and transmission deficiencies threaten our grid’s resilience.

Taking place on September 26 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET. The first in a five-part series from SAFE’s Grid Security Project, Grid in Peril sets the stage for an important dialogue.

Join us to hear from a panel of experts on the report and the risks and solutions to shore up our electric power grid for the future.